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The story of Artimov have started back in 1970s. Alfredo and Lucci, two brothers born in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy.

Their father was hard working employee in a leather factory. The curious brothers always love to visit their father in the factory every day after school time. They also visit during school breaks. They were fascinated about the creation of the beautiful leather products from their father's workplace. As days and years goes by, their curiosity became bigger and bigger.

Sometimes, their father let them do some of his work while he took some cigarette breaks. The brothers couldn't be more happier in crafting the leather and preparing it to the next step of the production.

These magical moments at their father's workplace gave them the chance to fulfill their passion for leather craftsmanship. The brothers admired everyone whose working at the leather factory and thought to themselves, one day they will achieve their dreams to create beautiful, hand crafted leather arts.

Times has passed, the brothers grew up to be men of purpose. With high hopes, they pursued their passion and attended Milan's Top University for Fashion and Arts.

Striving to be the best of their class during their first year in the University, they earned their scholarship and on their second year, they've launched their own company, "Artimov". Today, Artimov maintains it's highest standards to produce excellent and high quality leather goods.

Welcome to the world of Artimov.